Meet The Staff

Our team consists of a highly trained staff who are dedicated to making your visit to our office as comfortable as possible. From the knowledgeable administrative staff, to our caring and compassionate clinical team of surgical assistants, we are constantly striving to provide you with an exceptional surgical experience.  All staff are informed administrative personnel, well-versed in emergency management and are all certified with Basic Life Support (CPR) through the American Heart Association.

Administrative Staff

Our administrative assistants are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful to meet the needs of all of our patients. From scheduling a convenient appointment time to maximizing your insurance benefits, our administrative staff will be there to answer any questions prior to your surgery. 

David – Office Manager

I began working at Cottonwood Oral Surgery in 2013 when Dr. Jeffries opened the practice. I strive to ensure that all aspects of the office run smoothly and that our patients leave with a wonderful surgical experience. Prior to my current position, I worked for various corporations in the accounting field. I have my MBA and CPA. Since my career change, I have found interacting with patients to be the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I was born and raised in Connecticut, but moved to New Mexico in 2012. I have four wonderful children and in my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family as well as being outdoors. I also enjoy watching Seinfeld reruns.  Original Seinfeld episodes weren’t around for you Gen Z’ers to enjoy.  Oh well, guess you missed that one.

Jason- Scheduling Coordinator

I began working at Cottonwood Oral Surgery in August 2020 and I am bilingual.  I enjoy greeting a variety of patients.  I find pleasure in calming nervous patients no matter the age. 

I have lived in Albuquerque for most of my life.  I enjoy spending time with friends and traveling to different states.  You may catch me on the slopes as I love to snowboard.  When in the office, you may find me bringing blankets to our patients to make them more comfortable and ensuring that you have a wonderful surgical experience.

Surgical Assistants

Our surgical assistants are CPR certified, experienced, trained, and certified in assisting with intravenous (IV) sedation and outpatient general anesthesia in our comfortable, state-of-the-art office setting. They are certified through the New Mexico State Dental Board with a dental assisting and radiology license. Our surgical staff travels nationally to attend continuing education courses to further their knowledge and always look to improve our standard of care for our patients. They have a special interest in providing a comfortable and safe surgical experience for each and every patient; our patients are continuously monitored during and after surgery.

Iradys – Surgical Assistant

I started working at Cottonwood Oral Surgery in 2021 and boy, do I have a story.  I am Cuban and my first language is Spanish.  I graduated with a degree in Dentistry in Cuba in 2013.  I worked as a dentist for 2 years in Cuba and then moved to Venezuela to work in areas of extreme poverty.  Due to the political-economic situation in my country, I decided to emigrate and start from scratch.  I lived in Columbia for 6 months and then arrived in the United States in 2017.  Since then, I feel like I have been born again.  I have learned how to perform jobs that I never imagined myself doing, I have learned a new language and I have even learned to drive (which was a challenge). 

I love to dance (of course), spend time with people that I love and most of all, I love my profession.  I have completed my DAANCE (Dental Anesthesia Assistants National Certification Exam) Certification, which will help me provide safer care to our patients.  I find it extremely rewarding helping achieve better smiles and oral health.  I am so grateful for the  opportunity that Dr. Jeffries has given me.  This will place me one step closer to achieving my dreams.


Vanessa- Surgical Assistant

I began working at Cottonwood Oral Surgery immediately after completing my externship in Dental Assisting.  I have a special love for helping my patients feel welcomed and comfortable.  I enjoy working with Dr. Jeffries and our team while we strive to provide outstanding care and service to everyone who come to see us.

I was born and raised in New Mexico.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and finding wonderfully unhealthy office snacks for my coworkers to eat with me.


Raylina- Surgical Assistant

I am Raylina!! I am a recent graduate from PIMA Medical Institute and was placed here at Cottonwood Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for my externship.  I started to really enjoy the procedures and the wonderful work environment.  I then decided what better way to kick off my career than to stay where I felt the enjoyment of treating oral surgery patients and a warm and friendly workplace.

I was born and raised on the Laguna Pueblo, here in New Mexico.  Outside of work, I enjoy playing with Milo, my adorable dachshund.  I also love spending time with my family and traveling to new places.  I am very thankful and blessed that Dr. Jeffries gave me this opportunity to start my career in dentistry with her.  When you meet me, I will greet you with a warm smile, likely a little giggle, and a cheerful voice.

Yvette- Surgical Assistant

You know you won in choosing you profession when you can find gratification even through the hardest days and still say that you genuinely love your job.  I was born and raised in Rio Rancho, NM with a loving and supporting family.  As a child, I always envisioned my career having something to do with teeth and their mechanics.  Years passed and I became more conscious of everything that it took to be in the dental field and it is far more than education….it’s passion and patience.  I wanted a job where I could earn a paycheck and at the same time, make a difference somehow to somebody.  Despite my short deviation from my dream, today, I am a surgical assistant at this prestigious office with Dr. Jeffries.  Through elevating teeth, she as inspired me to elevate my mind.  Her example has made me believe in myself and has shown me the power of a degree.  It is rare to find individuals who see their profession and their employees for more than a business, but more like a family, that is exactly the person Dr. Jeffries is.  

I obtained my assisting accreditation through the United States Air Force at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX.  I am also a dental assistant at the VA through the national guard.  I am very fortunate to be able to love my full-time occupation and have the honor of working with my remarkable mentors on both the military and civilian side.  On my free time, I enjoy traveling and doing projects with my significant other.  HEY MOM AND DAD, I’M DOING IT!!!